Our Vision  


Chakdaha Municipality envisions itself by 2020 to became economically independent, with an equitable social structure and culturally rich community. The Municipality aims to alleviate poverty from the society by providing all basic services to citizens irrespective of their religion, caste and economic status.

Safe and adequate drinking water supply, good roads, adequate street lighting , improved drainage network and last but not the least important , sanitation and proper solid waste management are among many other objectives, which the municipality vows to provide in the next 5 years. Beautification is one of the main objectives of municipality Authority.

In accordance with the government directive the municipality is also part of the nationwide imitative to provide primary education and primary health care services to the citizens. Mother and child care is the primary focus and health awareness among the citizens will be taken up. Chakdaha Municipality looks forward to make Chakdaha a clean city with eco friendly and pollution free environment and scientific management of solid waste.
Social emphasis will be given to the backward sections of the society through handholding in the form of institutional and financial support. The municipality will thrive social security to all citizens specially vulnerable sections of the society.

The improved services to be provided by the municipality will be rendered on time accordance with the demand of the citizens. The Chakdaha Municipality also looks forward towards participatory & transparent governance , as well as trustworthiness & responsibility towards the people. This is possible only through strengthen of the municipal organisation and functions. The municipality staff that play a significant role in the service delivery system in the municipal organisation will further develop their capabilities through improved technology and appropriate technical training. In this regards municipal office will became more informative & citizens friendly.

The municipal authority will create economical opportunities to the people of the Chakdaha , specially unemployed youths of Chakdaha Municipality.

Ultimately Chakdaha Municipality will ensure in the near future the sustainable socio – economic and infrastructural development o the society. In this regards Municipal Authority will always play a strong role regarding all the kinds of illegal occupation and practices inside the Chakdaha municipal area but will appreciate all kinds of such endeavour which will enrich the economic & social plinth of the society , following the National, state level & municipal Rules.

In a null shell , Chakdaha Municipality will develop as a strong stable decentralized , transparent , planned & financially self –reliant municipality.

Signature of the Chairman